11 WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

WhatsApp Business is a free application that comes with many advantages for companies of any size. It can help you save time or customizing your chats, using a WhatsApp Business account is about creating the perfect shopping experience for your customers.

11 WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

Alongside WhatsApp chatbot, WhatsApp Business is an extremely effective tool to sell products. Due to the numerous new features that WhatsApp keeps with its release, WhatsApp is becoming a excellent place to shop, particularly when you are in remote locations. Even if you're not planning to develop the next WhatsApp chatbot There are plenty of great options for users on WhatsApp for Business that you can benefit from.

Let's take a closer look at WhatsApp Business app features that you may enjoy as much as we do.

1. Business Profile

Create a profile of your business that includes important information for your clients, such as your address, your business's description as well as email address and the URL of your site. Businesses accounts allow brands to build a relationship with their users. A profile for business gives the business a recognized "face" and a distinct identity. To get an "Verified" badge on your company's name, WhatsApp has to confirm that it is a verified business account.

2. Quick Responses

These are messages that are frequently sent to respond to common inquiries. Quick replies allow you to keep and reuse the messages that you frequently send , so that you can quickly answer questions common to everyone quickly. Just press the "or" in your keyboard and choose the quick response and then click send.

3. Automatic Greeting Message

WhatsApp for business allows you to send an invitation message that users receive each time they begin a conversation with your business or within 14 days after inactivity for 14 days. With an immediate message you will welcome and introduce your business to a potential client without delay and waiting times.

How to create greeting messages Settings > General settings > Greetings message. From here, you are able to create a new greeting card or modify an existing one.

4. Setting Away Message

Away messages are similar to greeting messages. They can send a personalized message to anyone trying to get in touch with the company outside of your working hours. You can create a customized message or share the time of your work. It is possible to set them to be activated at the specified date and time.

Steps to setup an"away message Setting > Settings for Business > "Away message" "Activate Away message".

5. Contacts for Labels

Companies can arrange their contacts and label them to make them easy to access. So, you can easily browse through the contacts you have and maintain them in a group and well-organized.

Methods for adding a label an existing contact click the menu button on the chat screen of the client then select a label, afterwards save.

How to add a label click the menu button on the chat page of the client then click " A new label" Click Save.

6.Access the Message Statistics

WhatsApp for Business lets you get vital information about how many messages were delivered, delivered and read.

Methods to access statistics Click the Menu icon > Settings > General Settings > Statistics.

7. Catalogs and Collections

Another feature that can benefit your company is catalogs.

Catalogs enable your company to display your items so that people are able to easily browse and browse through products they're interested in and want to purchase. Catalogs do not have to send each product, price, and description individually as you used to do previously. The catalogs are now conveniently placed together on your WhatsApp page and you don't have to redirect customers to your website or anywhere else.

For every item you have in your catalog, you are able to include information such as price, description, as well as product number. This makes it much simpler for your customers to use rather than asking you questions about every item on your list separately, or switch from WhatsApp to your website.

On October 20, 2021 WhatsApp introduced the Collections feature for shopping more convenient. They function as folders for arranging items in a corporate account. Users can browse towards the specific category that they are searching for without having to scroll through the entire list of products.

After you've added the Collection, you're allowed to alter the Collection in any way you'd like other items in order in order to ensure that the data is up-to the current.

Pro Tip: Think of collection collections like categories for ecommerce sites. "Last opportunity" and "Sale" may be converted into WhatsApp the same way as they do in the web. Utilizing these features on a WhatsApp Business account means providing similar shopping experiences that are well-designed and easy to use.

8. Interactive Business messages

This type of message permits the use of interactive and attractive buttons in your messages. They can be of two types:

CTAby pressing this link to click, the user will be taken to a specific website or call

Quick Reply:allows users to answer using predefined answers without typing in the answer manually

Interactive buttons can be a great way to ensure smooth customer journeys and the overall customer experience(CX) generally. It makes it easier for your customers what they need to do.

9. List messages and Reply Buttons

Alongside CTA as well as Quick Reply buttons, in June 2021, WhatsApp announced the new types of interactive messages that will be coming on their app: List Messages and Reply Buttons.

The new list messages let you add as many as 10 options So, people can simply select the option they want to use instead of manually typing it out. Reply buttons allow users to quickly choose between three options simply pressing the preferred option.

List messages: New list messages allow for the inclusion of up to 10 options which means that users can click on the option they prefer instead of typing it out. This kind of message provides the most simple and reliable way for users to pick when communicating with businesses.

Reply Buttons: Reply buttons allow users to select from a range of options by just tapping on the option they want to choose. This type of message is a an efficient way for customers to choose from a list when communicating with a company.

10. Facebook Shops Integration

Facebook Shops is a tool which lets you design custom shopping experiences for businesses and seamlessly integrate them into all of the Facebook family of applications. With your shop, you will be able to showcase the items and services you offer and communicate with potential buyers. It's a valuable device for businesses that are growing.

11. WhatsApp Payments

"Making payments easier can allow more businesses to enter into the digital world and open up new opportunities to grow,"said WhatsApp on their blog.

There's not possible that WhatsApp can be left out of payment options for personal as well as business accounts. The service is offered via Facebook (now Meta), WhatsApp payment options are available to specific countries:

- India;
-- Brazil (personal usage only);
- US (for some users).