29+ Data Science Project ideas in 5 Domain

29+ Data Science Project ideas in 5 Domain

Data Science In Logistic Domain

Demand Forecasting
Raw Materials Forecasting
Damage Detection/ Visual Inspection
Dynamic Pricing
Chatbots Customer Service Based

Data Science In Insurance Domain

Insurance Fraud Claims
Policy Based Recommendation
Insurance Price Optimization
Insurance Claim Management
Risk Assessment
Chatbots For Policy Recommendation

Data Science In Manufacturing

Preventive Maintenance And Fault Prediction
Automation In Factory
Tracking In And Out Of Vehicles
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Optimization
Vision Use cases(Number Plate Detection etc)

Data Science In HealthCare

Data Science for Medical Imaging
Data Science For Genomics
Drug Discovery With Data Science
Virtual Assistant For Patient And Customers
Monitoring Patient Health
Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Data Science In Finance

Sales Forecasting
Customer Segmentation
Personalized Marketing
Financial Fraud Detection
Algorithmic Trading
Healthcare Predictive Analytics
Real Time Analytics