Best Linux Distro for Developers 2022

If you are a developer looking for a Linux distro, this will help you find the perfect distro. 

Best Linux Distro for Developers 2022

Best Linux Distro for Developers 

Without further ado, let's go straight to the recommendations for the deployment kit. Scroll to the bottom of the article to learn more. The best Linux distributions for programming are:

Ubuntu – best for beginners

The first distribution on our list is Ubuntu, which is recommended primarily for beginners as well as programmers. However, if this is your first Linux distribution, Ubuntu would be great. You can  switch to another deployment later. 
 Ubuntu comes pre-installed with many useful programs and applications, making it easy for both beginners and programmers to work with. LongTerm Support (LTS) releases have a longer support period because they have a stable release schedule. Great if you prefer stability and peace of mind.

 Ubuntu Minimum Requirements:

 Dual-core 2GHz processor 
 4 GB RAM 
 25 GB disk space

Manjaro – best for intermediate

As this is a continuous release distribution, you will receive the latest version of all  software installed in the distribution. This is a huge advantage if you are developing certain software that requires the latest version of a dependency. 

Manjaro Minimum Requirements :

1 GHz CPU or higher 
 1 GB RAM 
 30 GB disk space

Arch Linux – best for advanced

Arch Linux is only recommended for advanced users or those who want to learn more about Linux distributions and how they work. Basically, you have to install and configure everything yourself. It doesn't come  with a pre-installed desktop environment like the rest of the distributions on this list. Therefore, it is  only recommended for experienced programmers. 
 This gives you a lot of customization options. You can tailor and customize the deployment to your liking, but it takes time and knowledge. 

Arch Linux Minimum Requirements:

 It depends on the DE and window manager you want to install, but the basic requirements are: 
 Any Processors 
 512 MB RAM 
 2 GB disk space


Fedora is one of the most popular desktop distros and is often recommended for beginners who want to try something different from all  Debian and Ubuntu based distros. There are many replacement options and editions to choose from, including the 
 workstation (designed for desktop), server and  IoT editions. This makes  a great option for system administrators and programmers who focus on servers. Similar to CentOS and RHEL,  some of the most popular server distributions. People often use Fedora as a routine driver and  gateway for RHEL and CentOS. With a release cycle of six months, it's the perfect sweet spot between a streak and a two-year stable release. 

Fedora Minimum Requirements 

Dual-core 2GHz processor 
 20 GB disk space

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a penetration testing and ethical hacking distribution that is never recommended for beginners. However, if you are in the security business or have experience in digital forensics, networking, and advanced security, this deployment is  for you. 
 This is a Debian-based distribution and  comes  with a number of pre-installed tools to help you get started, but it's easy to misconfigure. You need to know what you are doing and do a lot of research. 

Minimum Requirements for Kali Linux  

Intel Core i3 or AMD E1 
 2 GB RAM 
 20 GB disk space

Raspberry Pi OS – best for students

Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian) is a Linux distribution built for  Raspberry Pi mini computers. It is most often used to teach students  various programming languages, one of which is Python. Most often used for experimental purposes, robots or general-purpose home mini PCs. If you are looking for an affordable mini PC  to play, learn, and experiment with different programming languages, this is a great choice. 
. You can use the distro on any PC. It doesn't have to be a Raspberry Pi. The mini PC comes preloaded with a lot of  really useful tools. 

Raspberry Pi OS Minimum Requirements 

Raspberry Pi 

Debian – best for a stable environment

Debian is one of the oldest distros  still active and popular today. Ubuntu and dozens of other distributions are based on Debian. It is a stable and easy-to-use distribution that comes  with all the tools a programmer needs. It's lightweight and  has great documentation and community support. 
 Debian is stable  every 23 years, so you can rest assured knowing that stable versions of Debian will be supported for years to come. Debian and CentOS are the most commonly used distributions with (really) stable environments and release cycles. So if you're programming software that relies on reliability and doesn't require all the latest  software, this is a good idea. 

Debian Minimum Requirements 

Pentium 1GHz processor 
 512 MB RAM 
 10 GB disk space

Zorin OS

If you've been programming in Windows for a while, Zorin OS is for you. Zorin OS has a similar structure to Windows, allowing it to adapt to Linux distributions faster. To be clear, you can't program .NET applications on the distro, but it's a Linux distro with a Windows-like design. There are other distros like Zorin OS that are recommended for Windows users. 
 Zorin also offers a number of versions to choose from, including a school/student version that is great for aspiring programmers. There is  also a Lite version that can meet your programming needs by bringing your old computer to life. 

Zorin OS Minimum Requirements 

It depends on which version of Zorin OS you want to use, but the general requirements are: 

Dual Core 1GHz 
 2 GB RAM 
 15 GB disk space


Androidx86 is the desktop port of the Android system. If you want to experience Android on your desktop  or  laptop, this distro is  for you. If you are an Android developer, it will help you easily test your app. By itself, it is not  recommended as a daily driver for Android developers (it can be used as a daily driver), but rather  as a test OS. It's also an interesting distro that everyone should try, especially if they have an Android smartphone. If you need to play Android games on your PC or for some other reason, it's much better than running an emulator. 

Minimum Androidx86 Requirements 

x86 platform Processor: Intel / AMD (ABI requirement) 
 2 GB RAM 
 4 GB disk space

Drauger OS

Drauger OS is a Linux distribution for gaming. It is best suited for (currently) Linux games as it is optimized for games and comes pre-installed with various  launchers and games. There are much better alternatives for everyday use, but they can be used as  everyday drivers. We recommend this distro for game developers to test and run their games on Linux. Developing games for Linux and  Linux has never been easier. 

Drauger OS Minimum Requirements 

Dual-core, 1.8 GHz, 64-bit processor 
 1 GB RAM 
 32 GB disk space 
 But the game itself will  require much better hardware specs.

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