Solmax Global Review: is Legit or Financial Scam?

Solmax Global, a financial company, claims to offer all the benefits and useful features that will help you maximize your profits. is the registered website of this company. To get investments from users, the company makes a lot of claims.

Solmax Global Review: is Legit or Financial Scam?

Solmax Global, a financial company, claims to offer all the benefits and useful features that will help you maximize your profits. is the registered website of this company. To get investments from users, the company makes a lot of claims.

To make an informed investment decision, it is essential to thoroughly review Solmax Global. This article will cover all aspects of the company.

Overview of Solmax Global

Solmax Global claims to be an innovative, modern business with a strong network of businesses that can help people make large profits. also states that you should join the company in order to reap the many benefits of a large business community.

According to the company, the company claims it is working with the community to help them connect and maximize their potential. But, it is important to remember that Solmax Global's primary focus is on affiliate memberships.

It encourages you to become a member of the company as it will give you all the benefits and features that a large community offers. Solmax Global makes these claims in order to attract more investors and increase their market share.

Domain Insights

Solmax Global doesn't provide any information regarding the owner or team behind the platform. It claims to only have a team made up of qualified professionals.

According to Alexa, the top three countries contributing most traffic to are Nigeria (31%), Pakistan (13%), Bangladesh (3%) and Bangladesh (3%) It is possible that the company may be operating from one of these countries.

Registration Fee for Solmax Global focuses on offering a wide variety of packages for users in order to maximize their investment. The website encourages users to invest anywhere from $100 to $25000. To reap the greatest benefits from the income structure, the website asks users to invest as much as possible.

According to the company, you will be investing in Equity Tokens. These tokens can be thought of as the company's internal currency. The website promises commissions for both direct and indirect recruitment. offers the following breakdown of packages:

  1. Basic Package Costs $100
  2. Starter Package costs $250
  3. Executive Package costs $500
  4. Professional Package costs $1000
  5. Premium Package costs $2500
  6. Elite Package costs $5000
  7. Supreme Package costs $10000
  8. Max Package costs $25000

The company doesn't provide information on the number of Equity Tokens customers will receive with each package. According to the website, only 66.6% are able to be withdrawn from the company. Rest of the income will go to a trading account.

Income Structure by Solmax Global

Solmax Global's income structure revolves around seven major affiliate ranks. These are:

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  1. Associate rank at which you must invest in the Executive Package, and hire at most two members.
  2. You will be an Executive Associate. This rank requires you to invest in the Executive Pack and to hire at least two people and convince them to invest at minimum $8000.
  3. You will be a Team Leader and have to make at least three hires and convince them to invest at minimum $32000.
  4. You will be a Regional Manager and have to hire at least three people and convince them to invest at minimum $64000.
  5. You will be a Regional Director.
  6. Vice President Rank: You will need to invest in the Elite Package, hire at least four people and convince them to invest at minimum $400000.
  7. Senior Vice President rank at which you must invest in the Elite Package, hire and manage at least six staff members.

These affiliate ranks are a clear indication that Solmax Global wants you to continue investing in the company and to recruit as many people possible. You will need to put in a lot of effort to recruit people and convince them that the company is worth their time. You cannot expect to make a lot of money from the company.

Solmax Global and other MLM companies are not worth your investment. They don't make any substantial profits. Use reliable and genuine crypto trading bots to make huge profits.

Features by Solmax Global

Solmax Global claims to have many features that will convince users of its legitimacy, as well as provide various benefits for users. These features are important to consider before you decide whether to invest in the company.

Steady Income recommends that you join the company to have a steady and healthy source of income. You must remember that steady income is only possible if more people are recruited to the company.

Large Profits

Solmax Global promises large profits for its users. Solmax Global encourages users to invest as much as possible to gain access to greater income opportunities. The income structure of the company is based on the recruitment commissions and affiliate ranks.

You will not make significant profits if you can't recruit enough people to your company. You should be cautious about investing in these suspicious companies.

Large Community promotes another major benefit: it has a large community of business people through which you can make a lot more money and get many benefits. The company doesn't specify how you can connect with others in the community. It is possible that the company makes such claims in order to attract investors and make them money.


Solmax Global is an MLM program, as evident by the income structure and overall business model. The company encourages people to invest in the company and continue recruiting.

But if you don't have the ability to recruit these people, you won't be making any significant profits. Solmax Global claims that Igniter100 distributes. Igniter100 is not known. It claims to offer a broad range of financial services, but it is not.

Further investigation has revealed that Igniter100 also runs its own Ponzi scheme. It is possible that Solmax Global and Igniter100 may be part of a larger fraud. The company doesn't appear to have any other source of income.

Solmax Global completely depends on users investing in the company. The company will soon collapse if people stop investing in it. It is impossible to expect any profits as it can collapse at any moment due to a lack in funds and recruitment.

Solmax Global is incapable of generating significant profits so you can't trust it. This is why there is no reason to benefit from this company. To make large profits in the crypto industry, you can instead rely on user-friendly trading bots.