Tinder's CEO Talks about Metaverse and Virtual Currency

Tinder's CEO Talks about Metaverse and Virtual Currency

In an interview with Reuters Next, Renate Nyborg CEO Renate Nyborg said, "The dating app Tinder is exploring ways to blur the lines between the offline and online worlds.

The CEO of dating app Match Group Incown (MTCH.O) said that the recently launched navigation Quoted: Interactive events like Swipe Nights allow users to choose their  adventures and combine them with others according to their choices, the company, which allows dating members to pay for premium services and reward them for good in-app behavior. "From a Tinder perspective, internally, we're talking about Tinderverse, which blurs the lines between offline and online," she said.

The metaverse broadly refers to the concept of a shared virtual space that people can access through a variety of devices and  move through a digital environment. These spaces can use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). 

Dating app Bumble said in its November income statement that it wants to be prepared for "everything in the metaverse". Nyborg said Tinder remains focused on helping people meet in real life. 

She said the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that you can feel connected only through the internet, but it also shows the importance of real connections.