What is Food Metaverse?

What is Food Metaverse?

OneRare, the first food, gaming and NFT metaverse project in the blockchain ecosystem,  announced a collaboration with celebrity chefs Arnold Poernomo, Sarangs Goyle and Jamie Van Heye to create the world's first food metaverse. The innovative concept of  blockchain metaverse food has caught the attention of gourmets around the world. OneRare classifies Chef Specialties as NFTs, and players can claim these special works of art by collecting ingredients and playing the game. 

"Suprit Raju, co-founder of OneRare, spoke of the collaboration." We are  excited to partner with the best partners in the food and beverage industry: Chef Arnold Poernomo, Chef Saranche Goila and Chef Jamie Van Hage. Think of the  Foodverse with the help of these pioneers and celebrate their culinary journey as NFTs on the foodverse worldwide. 

As the scope of blockchain expands rapidly, chefs will be able to interact with a global audience for the first time and introduce interesting culinary concepts from around the world. “Thanks to the recent successful fundraising of $2 million from famous angels; OneRare, the largest fund in the cryptocurrency space, is now ready to grow  Foodverse.  

Chef Saransh Golia shared her thoughts on collaboration, saying: We're excited to explore a new chapter in cooking in the OneRare metaverse. The fact that you can make your favorite recipes on Metaverse and make your own  NFTs for cooking is fascinating to me. I'm really looking forward to showcasing my favorite food and transforming the metaverse into a fun space. "" " Foodverse also has a playground where users can use their NFTs for mini-game battles. I contacted Chef Saranche Golia to find out what the fuss was about. Is it fun to eat food in the NFT space? 

Golia: I think the opportunity to explore the food meta world is 100% exciting, especially for chefs who easily cook in the kitchen or restaurant. I believe that food has no borders. If he travels to restaurants around the world from our kitchen, why shouldn't he enter the metaverse? I am very excited! Please tell me about Metaverse and Blockchain. Prior to Golia: One Rare, exposure to the metaverse  was very low. I have been studying Blockchain and Metaverse for the past few months. It's a whole new world and it's been amazing to meet people online and  understand what the metaverse really is. 

This seems to be the future. So this proposal was really interesting. I was in awe of one rarity because I found my connection to the metaverse through food. The fact that people are studying different art forms to develop these NFTs in a parallel world is always interesting because it's new to me too. I'm a beginner and still learning, but I'm happy to learn from food platform on Metaverse. Love of travel and  food? Golia: I started cooking  as a hobby when I was 12 and it was  my passion to one day become a chef and teach people my recipes. 

And for me, what I can do  in this life is a really complete circle. Of course, the past decade has had countless opportunities to appear on shows promoting Indian cuisine. One thing I have learned is that Indian cuisine is one of the most indigenous cuisines in the world because there is a lot of history and science behind it. I think 10 years has been a good time as we are proud to represent and move forward Indian cuisine all over the world. 

Does the Puritan approach to cooking deserve more attention? Or is experimentation and taste important? Golia: I think these are schools of thought and none of them are right or wrong. I certainly believe that any chef is very enthusiastic about exploring and creating  new things by applying his methods and knowledge to food. But it also makes sense to preserve the cuisine or individuality. 

Like I said, it works in two ways, but on a personal level I approach preserving ancient recipes that make it fresher. It's a mix of the two, and it works really well. What do you think of your signature dish being tokenized and sold? Golia: It's really exciting and exciting to know that one day people can cook butter chicken on the metaverse or get it with NFT by figuring out a recipe for butter chicken  on the metaverse. I think it would be incredible. Like I said, the food really has no boundaries.

The point is that humans can transfer their love of food to the metaverse. My guess is that one day they will be able to use this economy to  eat  on the ground. I think this is a very interesting experience. As a consumer who likes to eat, I would 100% like playing games where I could earn NFTs, get stuff, and make recipes and stuff like that on the internet. I am very excited  as a consumer and as a cook! A world of technology close to sustainable farms with two different worlds  NFTs and food tokens. 

Golia: I know a lot of people who don't understand the metaverse or  two worlds of food space operating in parallel. Since there are actually farm-to-farm discussions on the platform, I think One Rare is trying to fill that gap.